Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sample Illustrations for Zest Books

So I've been looking on craigslist trying to find illustration gigs, and Zest books, which is a publishing company that makes advice books for teens, has had a few calls for artists. These drawings are for a dating guide for GLBT teens. I really hope I get the job, but if I don't at least they have some of my work on file.

They wanted a drawing of a cell phone:

Tickets to a local band:
A girl who isn't out to her parents telling her mom she's just going to hang out with her friend, when she's really going on a date:
And lastly, two guys on a date, one talking about some heavy environmental kind of thing, and the other looking like he's lost interest/wants to get out of the date:
Also, I'm very close to finishing Alix! I just have to paint her face (eeeep!).

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