Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sample Illustrations for Zest Books

So I've been looking on craigslist trying to find illustration gigs, and Zest books, which is a publishing company that makes advice books for teens, has had a few calls for artists. These drawings are for a dating guide for GLBT teens. I really hope I get the job, but if I don't at least they have some of my work on file.

They wanted a drawing of a cell phone:

Tickets to a local band:
A girl who isn't out to her parents telling her mom she's just going to hang out with her friend, when she's really going on a date:
And lastly, two guys on a date, one talking about some heavy environmental kind of thing, and the other looking like he's lost interest/wants to get out of the date:
Also, I'm very close to finishing Alix! I just have to paint her face (eeeep!).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Salami Sandwich Crime Scene

I had a bit of help making this painting. My friend Athena dropped her salami sandwich, which she was very upset about. She started to clean it up, but David Klein (the guy in the green sweatshirt, helmet and cape from a few blog posts ago) stopped her and did a chalk outline of the fallen sandwich, as though it were a crime scene. Then i made some "police line do not cross" tape out of some masking tape that was lying around to put in front of the it, and we left the dining room of kingman like that for about 20 minutes or so.

Here is the beginning of my painting of Alix Black riding her bike dressed as the Campenile. There was supposed to be a co-op bike parade, but me, justyna, alix, and my friend alex who doesn't even live in the co-ops were the only people who came. It was on mothers day, and as she rode past the real campenile on her way to sproul plaza she shouted, "Happy mother's day, mom!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Geoff again

This is a painting of my friend Geoff dressed up in a bunch of yellow stuff he found in the free pile. He was already wearing the yellow shirt. More illustrationy stuff coming soon, and I'm also working on a watercolor of a sort of paunchy Spiderman with a huge bulge and a hickory farms bag. There is a "salami crime scene" painting in the works, but as it's the first painting I've done in a while that has a background (and no figure, even!) it's turned out the be quite an undertaking!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Retarded Muppit Farm Summer Tour Poster

I feel like it needs something and I can't figure out what. Any suggestions?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hench(wo)man!! + trying to sell out

This is a watercolor of a girl dressed up as one of the henchmen from the Venture Brothers. There were a bunch of henchmen at Wondercon this year. If you look closely you can see her glasses underneath the butterfly goggles.

So I've decided to start posting some more illustration type stuff that might be more marketable than my other work. Who wouldn't like to buy a picture of a pretty girl tied up with various types of musical equipment? More to come!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Most recent paintings

Here is the one of Geoff completed. I really like it. It's oil on panel and it's about 4ft by 2ft.

This is my watercolor of Storm Trooper Elvis. The next one I'm working on is of a henchman from the Venture Bros.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So I'm finally almost done with my painting of Geoff. All I have left to do is remove some of the yellow underpainting and maybe fuss with his hair a little more. As soon as it's complete I'll post a better quality photo of it. I'm also almost done with another watercolor, which I'll probably post at the same time. It's of Storm Trooper Elvis, one of my favorite comic-con personalities.

I haven't really been painting enough this semester yet because I've been working for Katherine a lot and stressing out about kitchen managing, but I'm feeling optimistic and I think I'm going to be able to get to the studio a lot more in the coming weeks. Hooray! ^___^

Monday, January 19, 2009

Current Work

This is a painting of my friend Nick Reid the day after a Ho-Down (hence the left over hay bale) at kingman. This is the first painting I did of one of my house mates on wood panel, which is what I've been doing ever since.

This is my friend David Klein right before leaving for a game of broom-ball.

This is a self portrait of me giving my friend Marjon a piggy back ride. She also has a stuffed piggy on her back. Elliot Block helped me take the photo for this.

This is Laura Beaton eating green tea flavored ice cream out of a pink ice cream cone. I didn't invent those colors, they are straight from the photo i took of her.

This is Dwight Crow stacking chairs before starting on his sweep and mop shift at kingman. He makes these chair pyramids almost every time he does his workshift.

These two photos are of what i'm currently working on. It's a painting of my friend Geoff Brookshire holding a creepy disembodied halloween hand in front of his face. Right around halloween people kept putting the hand in the dairy fridge so that it would fall out on you when you tried to get out some eggs or butter.

Hooray! This stuff is all my most current work! Yay current work! I'll post the painting of Geoff as soon as it's done.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Songs and Places

Spring of 2007 I took a class in the visual studies dept. of UC Berkeley called Songs and Places. It was sort of a history of American roots music combined with autobiographical elements by the professor, and the work we did for the class was interpreting what we learned visually. The class was taught by Tony Dubovsky, and it served to really help me get my confidence back after the painting class I took with Squeak Carnwath. We had to make a new piece based on whatever area of music we were studying each week, so they're all pretty small and not too detailed, which was really freeing for me. Here are some of he things I made.

This is based on the song "When I Lay My Burden Down," which has the line, "going home to live with Jesus, when I lay burden down." For some reason this made me think of sort of an odd couple scenario of a normal guy living with Jesus. I toned it down a bit and put it in the context of the spiritual it was for the painting. Oil on lose canvas.

This is based on the song "Banks of the Ohio," which is about a man drowning his sweetheart because she won't marry him. I was trying to play with materials here, so it's kind of hard to read. It's supposed to be a view up from under the water. It's acrylic with granular medium on cardboard.

This is a drawing of Leadbelly and John Lomax (sort of an imagined situation taken from a short film made about them. You can find the film on youtube - it's pretty silly). John Lomax was a musicologist who was the first to go around and record American Folk music. He was assisted by Huddie Ledbetter (aka Leadbelly), who was very adept at remembering folk songs he heard and wrote many great songs himself. If you don't know anything about leadbelly and John Lomax (and his son Alan Lomax), I reccomend looking them up. Materials are charcoal on watercolor paper.

These are a comic of a section of the song "Barbara Allen," which is one of the oldest remaining folk songs that made it over to America from the British Isles and was preserved by the people who lived secluded in the Appalacian Mountains. It's done in pen and ink.

This is based on the song "Careless Love." Though some versions of this song have been done that remove this theme, the one that I like the most deals with unwanted pregnancy. This piece is sort of about my anxiety over that topic. I didn't mean for it to matter that I modeled for myself in this piece, I just needed a model, but I suppose in the end all that stuff affects the meaning of the art you make whether you want it to or not. Materials are oil on canvas.

This piece is based on the line "If I get to heaven before you do, I'll cut a hole and pull you through," variants of which are used in a number of spirituals sung during the civil rights movement. It's colored pencil on vellum, with a brown paper towel glued behind it.

This is a painting of my cowboy boots. I did it in relation to the cowboy songs we learned about, which was fortunately right around the time I found these boots at the Ashby flea market with my mom. I used it later in a non-traditional self portrait show my friend Ivory King curated. Done in oil on lose canvas.

My friend Erin Morgan modeled for me for this, and I tried so hard to make it look like her, but I had a really difficult time with it. The photo it's based on was taken in Kingman's back yard. It was for one of the last weeks of class, which was themed loss, and had songs like "Red River Valley." I was really sad at the time that Erin was leaving for Argentina, and I love doing paintings of all the beautiful girls I know, so I asked her to pose for me. We've since sort of lost touch, which is sad - I'm lame and have too many people to keep track of ;___;. I hope she is doing well.